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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Types and flow-chart of jute processing

Types of jute yarn | Flow chart for traditional jute processing
Different types of jute yarn:
The composite mills traditionally manufacture the following types of yarns-
1. Fine yarn of 120-224tex (3.5-6.5lb/spy) to be used for carpets and various non-traditional end products like decorative fabrics.
2. CBC yarn of 224-293tex (6.5-8.5lb/spy) for using as carpet backing cloth or very fine cloth.
3. Medium coarse yarn of 241-414tex (7-12lb/spy) for:
                  * Hessian warp 241-310tex (7-9lb/spy)
                  * Hessian weft 241-414tex (7-12lb/spy)
                  * Sacking warp 276-345tex (8-10lb/spy)
                  * Other type of end products like canvas.
4. Coarse yarn of 483tex and above (14lb/spy and above) for sacking weft and coarse end-products like matting.
5. Piled yarns or twines of different counts.
Flow chart for traditional jute processing: 
Process flow chart of traditional jute yarn processing,Types of jute yarn.

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