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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Difference between Natural and Synthetic Fibre

There are mainly two types of fibre. One is natural which we get from nature and another is synthetic or man-made fibre which is developed by man. There are many differences between natural and man-made fibres.

Natural and Synthetic Fibre

The differences are as follows:
Natural Fibre
Synthetic Fibre
We get these fibres from natural farming, animal husbandry and insects.
These fibres are generated by man. We do not get these fibres from nature but are generated from natural (cellulose and protein) and chemical substances.  
Fibre length is given by nature that is, fixed.
Fibre length is not fixed and is controlled by man.
We get fibres as staple or filament (silk).
Generally we get fibres as filament but we can also get as staple or cut-length.
Fineness varies from one fibre to another fibre.
Fineness depends on the manufacturers.
Less strength and durability.
More strength and durability.
Strength increases in wet condition.
Strength increases in dry condition.
Some short fibres remain with long fibres.
There is no short fibre.
No need of spinneret.
Need of spinneret.
No need to mix chemicals to produce fibre or yarn.
Need to mix chemicals to produce filament or staple.
Apparels produced from natural fibres are comfortable.
Apparels produced from man-made fibres are less comfortable
More demandable in producing apparels.
More demandable in producing other textile end products rather than apparels.
Bears dust and trash.
Do not bear any dust or trash.
Bears crimp naturally.
We have to give crimp manually.
Generally fibres are hydrophilic.
Generally fibres are hydrophobic.
In most cases, scouring and bleaching is needed.
No need of scouring and bleaching but sometimes cleaning is needed.
Easy to dye.
Difficult to dye.
It is expensive.
It is cheaper.
Comparatively have less life time.
Comparatively have more life time.
Uses of natural fibre are limited.
Uses of man-made fibre are not limited.
We cannot change the structure.
We can change the structure.

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