5 key difference between Denim and Jeans

Denim and jeans are words that may confuse many people because sometimes the word denim is used for many different garments made from denim. The confusion goes deeper as in some parts of the world, the word denim is used interchangeably with jeans in such a manner that people refer to jeans as denim. But the word Denim and Jeans are totally different from one another. If you go through this article then you will be able to clarify your confusion.

Difference between denim and jeans

Denim can be defined as a fabric familiar for its use in blue jeans and other clothing. It uses a hard twill weave with a characteristic diagonal ribbing. As it is made from 100% cotton, it is very comfortable. This fabric is used all over the world to make jeans, jackets, shirts, purses, bags, and many other accessories. In denim construction we can see that the warp yarn is blue colored and filling yarn is white. So, the back side of the fabric becomes white in color and the front side becomes blue in color. The yarns to produce denim are made from rotor spinning. Generally, indigo blue is used to dye the warp yarn.  
Jeans can be defined as (Clothing & Fashion) informal trousers for casual wear, made up of denim or corduroy. Jeans was originally used as workers clothe but now it has entered into the world of high fashion. People of all classes and all ages wear Jeans. It is a great advantage that Jeans do not require washing frequently like other formal trousers. So, the students like it most.
Difference between Denim and Jeans are given below:
Denim is a Fabric.
Jeans is a trouser which is made of denim cloth.
Denim is used to make not just jeans but also shirts and skirts etc.
Jeans is just one of the garments that is made from denim.
All denims are not jeans.
All jeans are Denim.
Denim is a fashion fabric which can be used to make many other things.
Jeans is only a style of garment.
Denim can define either pants, skirts, jackets, shirts and shorts.
Jeans specifically define denim pants.
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