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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Key Responsibilities of a Garments Merchandiser

Introduction to Garments Merchandising

At first we need to understand the term “Garments Merchandising”. “Garment” is an alternative term of apparel or cloth which we need to wear in our everyday life all over the world and “Merchandising” means developing, producing buying and selling of any goods or products or services for the local or international market. So, “Merchandising” is the bridge between the buyer and seller. If we combine this English two terms “Garments Merchandising” then the meaning of garments merchandising becomes like the following definition.

All the activities involved in procuring export order of any garment of any particular design for a specific quantity, analysis of the garment requires producing the garments, production scheduling & exporting the garments within fixed time frame may be called garments merchandising.
From the above definition of garments merchandising it can be clearly said that procuring a garments export order that is export L/C, production of those products as per buyers satisfaction within limited time is not an easy task. The activities which are involved in garments merchandising is normally done by an experienced & expert person called garments merchandiser. “Garments Merchandiser” is the most important key person of garments production & garments export sector.

Role of a Garments Merchandiser

The main role of Garments merchandiser is to collect garments export order (Export L/C), produce the garments, export the garments on time & earn profit for the organization. To perform those functions successfully need lots of knowledge, experience & tremendous effort for a Merchandiser.

Duties & responsibilities of a Garments Merchandiser

     ·         To procure or collect an export garments order.
     ·         To estimate the time action (T&A) plan to export of those garments as per limited fixed time.
     ·         To ensure the booking of raw materials (Fabric & other trims) placed to the supplier needed for the garments to manufacture and export.
     ·         Checking Proforma Invoice (PI) and term of payments properly given by the supplier.
     ·         Placing the PI for opening Back to Back L/C to give payment to the supplier.
     ·         To monitor the collection of raw material as per the T&A plan.
     ·         To ensure the quantity & quality of raw material collected from supplier.
     ·         Following the sampling process strongly as the export order totally depends on it.
     ·         To select the garments factory if needed.
     ·         To monitor the garments production progress as per T&A plan.
     ·         To monitor the desired quality level of the produced garments.
     ·         To monitor garments packing instruction.
     ·         To monitor the shipment arrangements as per T&A plan.
     ·         To maintain continuous liaison with buyer.

Asst. Merchandiser
Ha-Meem Group

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