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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Marker planning

Marker Planning | Principles | Computer aided System

Marker Planning:
To cut a sample garment, the pattern components have to be economically arranged according to their grain lines and the pile direction of the fabric which is to be cut. The regular form of this arrangement is a rectangle width the short side equal to the net width of the fabric and the long side the length required to contain the pattern components. The drawing of this arrangement and when starting to prepare markers, there are a number of procedures which have to be followed. This starts by determining the net width of the cloth to be cut, which can be easily done but there are some practical considerations involved.

There are no fixed rules for the manual planning of cutting markers because the process relies on the perceptual (উপলব্ধি) sense of the planner and the ability to see the best interlocking combination of the pattern components.